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I have spent many years discovering the peninsular land, so other places deserve my deepest admiration, as occurs with the South of Soria. I will dedicate this page to some of them. I will start with Las Hurdes, one of the most beautiful and shocking regions I know, but gradually you will be knowing other areas.

Some time ago, I made a website for some friends with hike and bike routes across Las Hurdes. Perhaps you would like to watch it, the regios is wonderful. Here your are the link of the web in english language:

Perhaps you find interesting my perspective, my landscapes, the magic of the legends, the stories that have shaped the face of the spaces I know, who still produce my amazement.

If so, perhaps you want to know the book that a friend and I write, Sebastián Vázquez, entitled "Rutas Sagradas. Lugares Míticos y Mistéricos de España", edited by La Esfera de los Libros, Colección Palmyra.

Our shop has other booklets, other places. We will keep adding more, so... ¡come back from time to time!

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Sierra de Alcaraz

Link to Rutas Sagradas