These first words ought to be a welcome to the South of Soria, and not just mine, because the land the we are going for a walk is very grateful to the visitors, perhaps for  the                           forgotten and the apparent loneliness of those who inhabit it. If somewhere in our  country a  person                               can feel the roots that join a man and his habitat, here, in the South of Soria, become very clear.















I will tell you that somebody attracted by the South of Soria has a distinctive profile:

The love of nature, whatever its expression, the search for peace, the desire to go

places where you feel transported in time, in that to imagine a life in the past is a matter

of being or not being, places where you can admire the human footprint from ages as

remote as the Celtic and Roman, or enjoy beautiful buildings that are establishing

chronologically the different habitats and trends of the area, even more, fell the savour

of a natural, traditional and varied kitchen...

And, finally, a long list that we will discover through some pictures and comments. I encourage you to find with me these places and their peoples. Just click somewhere in the map. I hope you enjoy the walk.